A Tutorial To Select A Perfect Electronic Cigarette

It is always a dilemma among fresh e-cigarettes smokers to choose an e-cigarette among so many choices. Of course, you can get advice from your friends and colleagues; remember there is a huge difference between a friend’s advice and an expert advice. Your friends can only suggest you the brand they used. On the other hand, an expert will give you proper guidance and also advice you some selected leading brands. So let’s discuss a proper guide to select electronic cigarette.

 How To Select Best Among Dozens Of E-Cigarette?

It is good to get advice from friends, it will give you a basic idea, but you can’t totally rely on them. Instead of that, you should follow a few things. First of all, online retailers are recommended by almost every expert and not any online, but company authorized retailers. Remember, along with the product you also deserve best additional services such as warranty or replacement and only a company authorized retailer can provide you these services. While shopping for e-cigarettes you must remember one thing that every big brand is not considered as best and likewise every fresh brand can also not consider unworthy. Hence, instead of comparing them on name’s ground, you should compare them on the basis of their features and additional services. To make your research easy here is a list of most appreciated brands of e-cigarette.

 Top Suggestions For You

  • Green Smoke: This brand lives up to its name; it will actually provide you a health friendly smoking. It contains a list of enjoyable flavors, you can find multiple tobacco based and other delicate flavors. You can opt for your type of starter kit among their USB version, Love Bird’s kit and Social kit. Being an intelligent entrepreneur they know that e-cigarettes are used by people with different pockets. Hence, they offer starting kit in various prices; you can purchase it at the cost of $69.99 to $239.99.
  • V2 Cigs: You can opt for this brand for many reasons such as their price, quality, flavors and their additional services. Another quality that sets them apart is their batteries; they are specially designed to accompany cartridge. They have multiple versions for starter kits; their basic starter kits will cost you $65. Along with that they also offer standard and ultimate kits under $240 that include all the best features. Those who travel a lot can purchase their traveler kit at the minor price of $30.
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