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High Density, Inc., works with your staff to determine what systems are currently in place, whether they can be used, and how your existing systems mesh with your workflow needs.

Making decisions on new systems and upgrades is difficult. You hardly have time for your work, much less stay on top of technology. Many questions arise when considering your enhancements. These can include whether you should choose Microsoft NT or Novell. If you currently use Novell, what are the price and installation ramifications of choosing NT? Should you move from WordPerfect to Word? Do you need a spreadsheet and if so, which fits your needs best?Should you consider a newer technology Time & Billing system? Should you consider a centralized client database rather than continuing to use multiple incompatible systems? Should you consider voice recognition? Is your vendor giving you their best price and the best price/performance products or are they providing their higher margin products? Are your hardware components compatible with the technology you need? For example, Dragon Speech Recognition prefers Creative Labs' SoundBlaster cards, disdaining cheap compatibles. Does your vendor have the most capability or simply the best salesman and proposal? Should you consider mail order or buy locally? Are your future communications, wiring, and Internet needs being considered or will you be required to reinvest later? Could existing equipment be incorporated into your system?

High Density, Inc., can be your interface with bidders, saving you time and answering questions such as the ones listed above. We can perform the entire Needs Analysis and Request For Proposal or we can simply review what you are about to submit to bidders.

Our fees will be more than offset by your receipt of better pricing from vendors and higher quality systems.

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