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Q) Why a WebPage?

A) The World Wide Web is by far the fastest growing part of the Internet. It literally doubles in size every 45 days! There are several reasons why a company or individual would want to be part of this phenomenon. For example, the chamber of commence of a given town may send out $1000 of dollars worth of printed information on a monthly basis. A large part of this can be avoided by simply having the user log on to town's website.

Q)Will my webpage come up if I search for it?

A) If it is properly promoted, yes.- High Density Computing can promote your page so that it comes up at the very top, or close to it.- That's because we speak fluent 'SpiderSpeak'.- The end result for you is a beautifully crafted webpage that loads fast and is easily found.
Q)How much disk space do I really need?

A)The amount of disk space you require depends entirely on the number of pages you expect your web site to be and the number of images included.Provided your Web Site is not too graphic intensive you should be able to get at least 70-80 pages with 20 megabytes.

Q) What can a WebSite do for my company?

A) It depends on the type of business you have. There are companies that conduct business right on the web. They take orders via a electronic form. They print out a receipt and send out the merchandise without as much as even speaking to another human being.

Yet there are others such as the local chamber of commence. There may be a tremendous benefit in displaying written information over the
web as a great deal of money is saved in printed materiel.

None the less, it is becoming a way of life to have a
web site, and many a perspective sale is lost simply because a given company does not have a presence on the web.

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