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Thinking about starting a business on the Internet?

The Internet has reached the point that it is no longer considered a fad. In fact bandwidth has become one of the major problems that this network is facing. More and more business' as well as individuals are jumping on the bandwagon. Faster and faster lines are being sought and more and more isp's show up over the horizon. It all keeps us asking "where do I fit into this?" How do I get started?" "How do I get My business on the web?"At High Density Computing we have the answers.

Everything you need to make your presence felt on the web!

1.) Weather your an individual of president of a company. We have the staff to focus on your needs.We will meet with you and offer the training needed for you or your group.

2.) We recommend the hardware needed to get onto the Internet.

3.)We design your WebSite and register a domain for you.

High Density Computing specializes in

Image scanning and graphic design. Video digitizing and digital photography Data base integration. CGI, HTML, JAVA, Shockwave, Perl Programming. Credit card verification. Registration with all Search Engines and popular Sites. Web page usage and tracking. Updates and additions.

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