Thomas F. Duda

With a degree in computer science and the technical knowledge and experience he has achieved from the years of field work, (See résumé) Tom's grahic design work has made many stand up and take notice. His 2 most famous works and Funeral for the Mac have been featured in Mac World in the Netherlands August 1996. He uses his skills in design to produce top quality WebPages with flavor and uniqueness that keeps the user coming back for more. He has expertese in graphcis programs such as: 3d studio max, Litewave, quark xpress, adobe photoshop & illustrater, Macromedia director & Corel Draw! He is the designer & webmaster of this site

Chris Ryniker

Handing the business and financial aspect of high density Chris also has the technical background. He is a networking professional with a strong background in operating systems such as NT, Novell and UNIX Chris founded high density computing in 1983 as a networking and tech support company. Technoligy changed constantly, and we grew into a company with sites focused on the internet! 998

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