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There is more to having a HomePage or Website then just being on the Internet

Proper training plays a major role in having a successful WebSite. For example, you may purchase the fastest car in the world and enter the Indianapolis 500, but if you can't drive your car will be of little use. At High Density Computing we realize the importance of good training.

Not only do we get your home page up and running, but also we explain in human terms what is being done. There are times when a minor modification to your WebSite may be necessary. There may be an upcoming sale or meeting that may be worthwhile announcing on the web. Having the ability to do quick and simile upgrades is a unique edge to have on your competition. Of course we are there and happy to help for the more complicated tasks! It is out goal that our customers to come back to us because they want to, not because they were starved of necessary information that may have been given at the time of setup.

Some of our other training services includes:

General use of the Internet:

Here the user is educated on how to use the Internet to there advantage. We go far beyond the Web and explore the other 4 parts of the Internet. Usenet groups (News groups), Email (Electronic mail), FTP (File transfer protocol) and IRC (Internet relay chat). Within these 5 areas we can teach simple tasks from sending real-time text messages over seas to video conferences.

Software Training

Operating systems

Lets not forget that to use the Internet, knowledge of the computer is (but not always) useful. Operating systems such as Dos, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT and OS/2 have unique uses to individuals in many different areas.

Graphic and publishing

We at High Density Computing are very proud of our ability at computer graphics. If you or your company use the following: Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, PageMaker, Quark X press, 3d Studio, Microsoft Word and WordPerfect, you are only a phone call away from success.


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